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Cao Dewen:13752227842           Qin Aigan:15022509538             Han Gang:13921153590



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Long Quanyi park road, chengdu, sichuan province. 286Number



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The phone:0086-28-84841628




The phone:0086-28-84841626
Mr. Tang:13981821138



Sales department:
The phone: 0086-28-84841665
Wang jun:13902443582
The mailbox:xgwj8800@263.net



The Internet of things die components company:
The phone:0086-28-84841686
Technical consultation:KouYongHong    The mailbox:kouyh@
Business consulting:Rowling       The mailbox:luolin@







Chengdu lumena technology co., LTD(Have8800Factory、State-run lumena chengdu instrument factory),Is built in1971Small third line in military enterprise,In2000In the restructured into joint-stock enterprises,The registered capital6600Ten thousand yuan,2 in longquanyi district park street86Number,Accounted for
Covers an area of150000Square meters。Lumena is set research and development of science and technology、Manufacturing、Sales of all kinds of new electronic components for the integration of high-tech enterprises,Company focused on electronic tuner、WIFIThe module、MCUControl module、Military products,Products are widely used in video industry、
                                            Data communication field、The mobile communication field,With samsung、Haier、The celebration of family、Hisense、China mobile and other famous enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation...

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WIFIThe module

WIFIThe module

The bluetooth module

The bluetooth module

The collector

The collector


AdoptedRealtek、Qualcomm、MTKCompanies such as plan,Suitable for all kinds of Internet of things


Integrated bluetooth function,Used for television equipment


Adopted2GCommunication,Widely used in outdoor data acquisition


Long transmission distance,Low power consumption,Suitable for warehouse management and wearable devices
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  • 2018-09-19
    Chengdu lumena technology co., LTD., through industrial environmental monitoring research institute of sichuan province wastewater to the company、Waste gas、The monitoring of noise monitoring,Monitoring results are qualified。See《Monitoring report》Sichuan workers ring words(2018)The first1819Number,Now be published。
  • 2018-09-07
    2018Years6Month15Day,Company a shareholders' meeting,Elected by Sun Juan、Yeeli hua zheng、Jin-ping zhang、Wang Yiquan、Tang Chang、Lrsa、Weeks to try the 7th board of company,Sun Juan was elected chairman of the board of directors,Yeeli hua zheng for the general manager。The board of directors determines the new company business philosophy:Open、Change、Beyond。  Open---All rivers run into sea,Tolerance is a great;Change---Permanence follows,Of leather;Beyond---Day line,An unyielding。That we want to open the tolerance、The aim of win-win cooperation,The company product research and development、The production and business operation management and so on various aspects to do innovation,More competitive,Super hard
  • 2018-09-07
    In order to further improve the comprehensive quality of the company senior management cadres,Promote the work performance of ascension,The company invited a professional consultancy“Execution”As a special training。Through training and continuous learning,Excitation  The work of the subjective initiative and sense of responsibility,To break through the inherent thinking in work,Actively explore new ideas and new methods,To do whatever it takes to complete ultimate target,So as to promote the development of the company。

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