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2018Years11Month30On the afternoon,Hainan provincial party committee standing committee、Haikou municipal party committee secretary zhang,Vice governor of the people's government of hainan province、Party member of Shen Danyang,Deputy secretary of municipal party committee of haikou、Leaders including mayor Ding Hui a line to visit hainan province wen gen tourism industrial group co., LTD belongs to double a building project(Renamed“HuaWen building”)Visit guidance。

The people's livelihood culture


Treasure of the people's livelihood


On the basis of establishing gas service platform,Using Internet technology and wisdom city concept,Build user Internet service platform;Based on the user's demand of the people's livelihood and the possibility of can provide service for society,The online resources integration,To provide gas users, including gas service, the service life of the people's livelihood。

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